Who am I

I am a Fan. A fan of what you may ask? well a lot of things, though i suppose i would be most likely identify myself as a Science Fiction and Fantasy Fan. Yes i love Star Trek and Star Wars, however i love so much more so i am not going to list them all, or we may never get done!

I am also a bit of an organiser within the Irish Science Fiction and fantasy community. I am currently one of the chief organisers of Octocon, which has been running since 1990, and for ShamroKon. This is not the first convention i have worked one. Over the years i have been on the committee of Dominicon and P-Con. I have also been a sounding board for other Irish events.

I was elected to the board of the European Science Fiction Society in April of 2013.

I travel outside the country to other events. I have made it to several Eastercons in the UK, and to several Eurocons. I made it to my first worldcon in 2012, and intend to make it to many more.

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