[Review]Man of Steel

So i went to see this last night, i had hoped to see it in 2D, however the showing sold out, and so i had to go to a 3D showing.Man of Steel poster

First, i enjoyed the movie, it was an entertaining movie, that at no point dragged. It is 2 and a half hours long, and i barely noticed the time passing.

The movie is of course a retelling of the superman origin story. A lot of people wondered what was the point of doing this again, when it is a story that is well known, not just in comic book circles. However, it did not retell the same origin story, instead we ended up with a much different origin.

They spent a while at the start of the movie setting up the world that was Krypton, and a small sample of its culture and technology. However, i can’t help but feel that this was covered better later in the film, and it could possibly have been done as a flashback rather than as a prologue. However considering the amount of time that was spent on Flashbacks, all of his time on Earth before the main narrative is told in flashback, this might have been to much Flashback.

The movie has several fights scenes, which are very clear, and easy to follow who is fighting who. There is also a higher level of character death than you normally see in a movie of this type.

There were very few laugh out loud moments in this movie, like the Nolan Batman, this is a movie that is aiming for the darker aspects of been a hero, and there so it is a lot darker.

I do recommend that you see the movie and make up your own mind.