I have plans to spend a lot of money this year.

I have plans for three international Conventions, a friends wedding, and as many local conventions i can get to.

This is not cheap. Last year i tried three international conventions, and was effectively insolvent by November. It took me until Late januray to sort out my solvency, by in the traditonal way of relevarging my debts, to pay them back over a longer period at a lower interest rate!

However this requires me to be much more careful and plan how i intend to spend my money. To that end i have set up arrangements to spread cost of bills, car insurance, car tax and a few other things out over the rest of the year. This means a set amount out of each paycheck will go to pay these thigns. hence allowing me to be sure that no bills are not covered in the amount i have left in my current account.

This is all very boring really, but its stuff like this that will mean that i can probably afford to travel and to save!