Octocon in 2015

Since the end of the 2013 Octocon I have not really been working on the next Octocon, which will be in 2015. We had a meeting were we laid out some general plans for 2015, including something that will be great fun if we can pull it off.

However nothing serious has actually been done. I dropped an e-mail off to the hotel to start the process of negotiations for the rooms we want to use. It will hopefully be a painless process, but is an important part of the Budget, as the hotel takes up a large part of our spend.

Once we have an actual date, it will most likely be in October of 2015, set we will move onto organizing an actual website. Some of you may have noticed that the Octocon website had a fatal error at some stage in December. Rather than try to fix the old web site which we intend to replace anyway, we decided to just put a holding page in place.

Hopefully we can get some good help with the website, and continue to grow the convention as it has over the last few years.

A manifesto

So i suppose i should put some of what i hope to be doing with this blog in writing.

  • It should be a aware that this is a Personal Blog. While i may hold postions on various events, either now or in the future, this is about me.
  • I will talk about events i am involved in the running of, as that is my nature.
  • I hope to talk about my various convention trips and talk about some of the panels i liked.
  • I Intend to post any of the older material i have floating around from various Irish Conventions. While most of the Octocon stuff will end up archived over at the Octocon Convention Archive, i was hoping to put things from other Irish events here.
  • I will hopefully talk about books and films and Tv shows that i have read. Don’t expect these to be in-depth reviews, more of a quick review.
  • Random Things that i like that don’t belong anywhere else. Things like the Results of the Irish National team latest match, though probably limited to Rugby, cricket, and on occasion Football.

How often will i post? Who can say i Do hope to right some crap here on a regular basis, but i don’t know how often it will be!