Moving House

So, I have mentioned that I had to move. I am giving up a house, that while it had issues, i loved living in.

I have spent  a while trying to find somewhere new, and I will be signing the lease and getting keys over the next few hours, moving into the new place tonight and tomorrow.

The new place had no chance of living up to that, and to be honest it isn’t even close. However, it has the advantage that i will now be sharing with only one person, and secure underground parking for my car.

However it is large enough for my weekly game, large enough to have a small group of friends over, about ten – fifteen. On the plus side it is about ten minutes stroll to work, downhill in the morning. Also there is no easy bus to work. The only bus that passes by would take me further from work.

Once i get back from Texas and settled in I will post some more thoughts on the place.

Housing Worries

I am currently renting. I love the house I am in, and I am sure that I will post some pictures of the Awesome Kitchen, and the dining room, which is perfect for gaming.

However one of the problems with the house is that the landlord has it up for sale. As much as I would love to purchase the house, it is so far out of my price range that a 50% pay raise would probably still have it out of range.

Now in the year and a month since I moved in, I moved in on the 31st of December 2o11, no one has actually viewed the house, until this week. Now this is not a sign that anything is going to happen, As the House is still about €50,000 overpriced for the area, and the small bits of maintenance that it needs.

However it has just brought back to mind the issue exists. While we have a lease that means we will get three months to move out once he tells us that he is selling the house, the chances of finding a house this nice again is so low.

The house is reasonably well located. I can walk to work in about 30 minutes, while it is located beside Phibsborough Village, and all of its amenities. There is also, as I previously mentioned, the huge Kitchen, the sitting room and dining room combo, the Indoor barbecue, the Large Bathroom.

While there are some downsides, like having to share with three other people, these are well offset by what we get and how much it is costing us.

So while being forced to move would not be the end of the world, it would not be happy making.