Octocon in 2015

Since the end of the 2013 Octocon I have not really been working on the next Octocon, which will be in 2015. We had a meeting were we laid out some general plans for 2015, including something that will be great fun if we can pull it off.

However nothing serious has actually been done. I dropped an e-mail off to the hotel to start the process of negotiations for the rooms we want to use. It will hopefully be a painless process, but is an important part of the Budget, as the hotel takes up a large part of our spend.

Once we have an actual date, it will most likely be in October of 2015, set we will move onto organizing an actual website. Some of you may have noticed that the Octocon website had a fatal error at some stage in December. Rather than try to fix the old web site which we intend to replace anyway, we decided to just put a holding page in place.

Hopefully we can get some good help with the website, and continue to grow the convention as it has over the last few years.

Liberty Hall Skyline

Every year, there is a cultural event in Dublin called Open House. The main idea of this is to open up buildings that are normally closed to the public. The buildings usually have a historical or Architectural significances.

I First came across this in i think 2010, and wasn’t able to make the weekend. In 2011 I got the open times wrong for Liberty Hall, and so i finally got up on top of the tallest building in Dublin in October 2012.

Once i got out onto the roof I took lots and lots of photos, and in the end managed to put together a vaguely consistent set of pictures that covered most of the skyline, and where reasonably steady.

This is probably my favorite of the lot.


I hope to get back up this year, but may pick a different building to go and see.