[Review]Man of Steel

So i went to see this last night, i had hoped to see it in 2D, however the showing sold out, and so i had to go to a 3D showing.Man of Steel poster

First, i enjoyed the movie, it was an entertaining movie, that at no point dragged. It is 2 and a half hours long, and i barely noticed the time passing.

The movie is of course a retelling of the superman origin story. A lot of people wondered what was the point of doing this again, when it is a story that is well known, not just in comic book circles. However, it did not retell the same origin story, instead we ended up with a much different origin.

They spent a while at the start of the movie setting up the world that was Krypton, and a small sample of its culture and technology. However, i can’t help but feel that this was covered better later in the film, and it could possibly have been done as a flashback rather than as a prologue. However considering the amount of time that was spent on Flashbacks, all of his time on Earth before the main narrative is told in flashback, this might have been to much Flashback.

The movie has several fights scenes, which are very clear, and easy to follow who is fighting who. There is also a higher level of character death than you normally see in a movie of this type.

There were very few laugh out loud moments in this movie, like the Nolan Batman, this is a movie that is aiming for the darker aspects of been a hero, and there so it is a lot darker.

I do recommend that you see the movie and make up your own mind.

[Review] Star Trek: Into Darkness

So a quick not a review of this movie that i saw a couple of weeks back, while still on a break from blogging.

This is a movie that was trying very hard to be aware of its source material, while also showing the changes the original movie had made. It introduced a main cast member, who reflected a lot on the changes from the original timeline, once you worked out who they were in the orignal timeline.

This is a movie that I enjoyed, but only by turning off my brain.

The Kirk in this series is even more reckless and out of control than the original timeline. Most of this is because he has never completed his time in the academy, he has never had to serve his time learning how to be a captain from others.  He is upset with Spock because Spock followed the rules and didn’t tell Kirk he was going to. Anyone who knows Spock, knows the rules will be followed.

The major problem i have with this movie, and the end of the first is that NO rational organization would give control of a Starship with hundreds of crew to a man-child like Kirk. While it made a small bit of sense in the crazy out of control moments of the first film for Kirk to take command, this sense would not hold after the end of the crisis.

Once you realize that Star Fleet is not rational the movie, plot-holes and all become much more believable.

This is not Star Trek, at least not in the modern sense, though it is a lot closer to the 1960’s version than people might like to admit. This is a world where greek gods are hiding out on planets, where there are beings of incredible power, who do not know Lightspeed is not infinite. It is a crazy world, and so too is Starfleet

I am undecided how i feel about this movie, and indeed the entire reboot, i think it shall take another watch or two, and that can wait for the DVD, or more likely Netflix.


[Review] Wreck-It-Ralph

So I went to see Wreck-It-Ralph at the weekend. I had heard about this movie back when it was released in the US, but had to wait for an Irish release before I could see it.

It was well worth the wait.

The basic concept of the Movie is very similar to Toy Story, and many other movies with a similar concept, what exactly do computer game characters do when there is no one around to watch them.

The plot is quite simple, about a person seen as been evil by all around him, trying to prove that he can be a good guy.

The simple plot description of course does not even come close to describing the joy that exists in this movie. Sure there the shout out moments when famous game characters make an appearance (Sonic, Street fighter 2 and so on) but these references are more for the adults in the audience than the kids, and so the movie depends more on the original characters that we encounter than any others.

The main character is Wreck-it-Ralph, who was thrown out of his home so an apartment block could be built, and so tries  to destroy that block. After 30 years of the same thing, he gets bored with living in the dump, and wants to prove that he is good enough to live in the apartment building with everyone else.

I don’t want to go to much into this movie, as while i believe you can enjoy it knowing things, there are certain moments of Joy that just had me laughing.

In general i think the best parts of the movie are:

  •  The world building in this was really well done, the world and its history are sometimes built with a deft touch and others just pushed in your face. Both ways work, and make sense for the different elements that are introduced in this way.
  • The characters are well realised and defined. oh and are great fun.
  • The self-awareness of the characters, they know they are in games, and they know what could happen if they stop playing for the people.
  • The “in” jokes. They are there adding an extra layer, but if you miss the joke that’s ok as it is never important to the plot

This film is probably going to remain one of my favourite films for a long time, I have already bought the soundtrack, and have gotten the iOS game for it as well, which is quite addictive.

In the end the message of the film is all about accepting who you are, and finding happiness in the differences between you and other people. Which is, I think, a good message in any movie.

This movie will be on my Hugo nomination Form for best dramatic performance, Long Form.