Convention Planning

There are many stages when you are planning a convention. Each of them is important, though sometimes you can skip a step or two because you are not a new event or you are not changing hotel!

I am not going to enumerate them, because to be honest this is just a quick post to talk about somethings.

We had a Full committee meeting for Sharmokon over the weekend, and we moved onto the next stage of convention planning. Not the final stage of planning, but putting the final framework in place. Deciding how many program rooms. assigning rooms to various background functions. Identifying what extras we would like if numbers are on track.

We had brought a number of new people on board over the last while, someone to handle promotions and also various people who will be taking on important at convention roles, and while we had a number of Skype meetings it was good to get nearly everyone in one room to discuss a lot of things.

Until now most of our focus has been setting foundations for the event and bringing members onboard. We had done some early programming, pulling together random ideas and so on. This changed to large extent on Sunday, as we started to build on those foundations. We made decisions that begin to shape the event that we want to run.

It is not that long away, and we have a lot of work to do, but it is coming along nicely.

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