Bejing in 2016

It is official, a bid to bring Worldcon to Beijing in 2016 has been formally filed. This means that they will appear on the ballot at the site selection vote in London in August.

Normally I would be all for a bid that is outside the United States, as Worldcon has been too often in the US. However I am a supporter of the rival bid to bring the Worldcon to Kansas City.

Beijing have appeared very late, they only declared they intended to bid at the start of this year(see earlier post). This makes it quite hard for people to have had a chance for us to ask questions, and for them to come up with answers for some of these questions. It makes them seem a little disorganised. When Helsinki in 2015 appeared late, they still did it a full year before the Site selection vote.

I hope that the Bid team will not be discouraged by some of the response that some fans have had, and consider coming back at a later stage.

A Chinese Worldcon would be very different, and I would love to attend one. The current bid committee have impressive  facilities.

More information on the bids, along there formally submitted bid documents are available:

So it is worth having a look at both, and if you are voting make an informed vote.

Work Life Balance

So a lot of the time I have from conventions is that normally I can do all the work involved in my job in about 4 hours a day. However that is usually spread out over the day, with flurries of work every half hour to an hour. That normally allows me to sneak in about 90 minutes of convention work during the work day, and still have a relaxing evening.

However, just before christmas an urgent project landed on my manager. Which of course filtered down to the rest of the team. It was a project with an impossible deadline, by the time my boss took it on we had pretty much missed our first deadline! we have gotten a lot of work done over the last few months, and are on track to meet our start of March Deadline, however technical issues may mean that we can’t get it into the release pipeline until the start of April.

All of this has meant that i have no time for conventions during the day, and so more of it ends up been done after hours. This is normally fine as it is only about 90 minutes of work, except at the moment i am trying to learn how someone else did something on a website so that I can work out how to make changes to it without breaking everything. Turns out i may have to break everything!

It just brings home how much i hate web design. We are stuck in browsers because people won’t download standalone applications. Of course more and more enterprise applications are going that way, which is also a bit annoying!

I think i have rambled a little here, i think the main upshot is that i am very busy on all fronts, so may be slow to respond!

Convention Planning

There are many stages when you are planning a convention. Each of them is important, though sometimes you can skip a step or two because you are not a new event or you are not changing hotel!

I am not going to enumerate them, because to be honest this is just a quick post to talk about somethings.

We had a Full committee meeting for Sharmokon over the weekend, and we moved onto the next stage of convention planning. Not the final stage of planning, but putting the final framework in place. Deciding how many program rooms. assigning rooms to various background functions. Identifying what extras we would like if numbers are on track.

We had brought a number of new people on board over the last while, someone to handle promotions and also various people who will be taking on important at convention roles, and while we had a number of Skype meetings it was good to get nearly everyone in one room to discuss a lot of things.

Until now most of our focus has been setting foundations for the event and bringing members onboard. We had done some early programming, pulling together random ideas and so on. This changed to large extent on Sunday, as we started to build on those foundations. We made decisions that begin to shape the event that we want to run.

It is not that long away, and we have a lot of work to do, but it is coming along nicely.