A new Something or other

So we are here, the first Monday of 2014.  Work was very busy just before Christmas, and I expect it to take off again very shortly. So i shall take some of this time, where nothing is happening to write some thoughts.

This is a rest year for conventions for me. By which I mean I am working on conventions, but in positions of lower stress. Having been a chair of a convention every year since 2010, a break where other people have final responsibility is nice.

At the moment my main focus is Shamrokon, where I am currently in charge of Membership. This has been busy over the last while, as we had a price increase on New Years Day. This is probably a bad time for a price increase, but there are also worse. People are aware of key dates, and New years day stands out.

After the price increase we were expecting a complete drop off of memberships, however it has been not at all that bad. no where near the rush it was, but still higher than it was in previous months. At this point, as people begin booking there travel plans, it makes more sense to get a membership.

I am still trying to work out what to do with the Historical Stuff i have for Irish Scifi, however I think I will probably create an archive site off of the main Scifi.ie Domain, as that seems logical. I will be thinking some more on this, and of course will continue scanning, Though will need better software than the in built stuff.

Other things, Convention list for this year is much much smaller than I hoped. I will be limited to two International events, Eastercon and Worldcon. Ireland wise, will probably make it to most Dublin based gaming conventions, and of course will be at Shamrokon! I may make an appearance at a couple of the other Dublin cons (Anime and Animation) in an effort to advertise or at least see  if there are things I can learn.

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