Slow Updates

I know that updates have been infrequent. This is always the way for me on blogging sites.

I always feel like i have nothing to say. This is of course mainly because i don’t like sharing my inner feelings about things, and to do it on the internet for all to see and look back on in years to come!

Recently a Facebook friend referred to a letter she, and her class, had written in the first year of college. This letter was delivered to them recently, after they graduated from college. This had me thinking about how such a letter would have been for me.

I admit that i massively underachieved in college, i should have done better, at least a 2:1. So such a letter would just have highlighted how much i had disappointed myself.

I am not sure if i had done the required work, meet the minimum standards of what i could have achieved would i have ended up happier? I probably would have gone on to do some form of PHD. As that is where i thought i wanted to go.

I understand that our live hangs on turning points, and that where we end up can be completely different from where we started. The question is, would i have been happier following that path?

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