Signed books

So i am not a fan of a signed book for the sake of having a signed book.

I often see a “signed by author” sticker on books in my favourite bookstore, and i usually avoid those copies.

This is not because i hate signed books, I have lots of signed books, but in most cases they are about what the signature means.

In most cases, it is a book i got signed while interacting with the author of the piece, and usually have a bit of a good memory associated with them. In one case the signature is not important, it is that a friend of mine went and got the book signed for me, not because i asked, but because she cared enough to make the book a little better.

A signed book is ok, a signed book with a story is so much better.




So busy

Work has pretty much been a busy time of late.

I hadn’t even gotten one project out the door, when another one came back around and added to the pile.

A long time ago i did some Java in college, and as the people i work for are a .Net house it means that no one else really knows much about Java.

So whenever a Java job comes up it comes to my desk, and i drive myself nuts for a couple of days or weeks working out how to do what they want.

Whats worse is that when i get this one done, there is already another in the works.

So i guess i will be busy for the next few Months….

I should point out that i am also still looking for somewhere new to live.