Gaming thoughts

So tonight the Scion game i have been running since November reaches a peak. This is a point that has been building for awhile, with obvious hints dropped from the third session, but that ties back into the very first thing.They have a plan that is pretty solid, and if carried out, will reduce the impact of the bad guys actions. They will still have to face the bad guys to prevent them fully activating the plan, and killing the world.

It will hopefully wrap up the major plot arcs of this part of the game. Though there are a couple of small threads hanging loose that will feed into the Demigod plot. My plan was at this point see if they save the world or not, and then work out what happens next.

However with my upcoming move and that i am not sure if my new place will have space for game means that i am considering going on Hiatus after this session.

This would allow us to at least have a good end point if we never resumes, but i fear would also mean that there is less chance that we would resume. I like my current group. They have a good grasp of playing as a group, with each player taking a role, and letting each other shine.

I did read a good article this morning about game momentum, and it has me thinking about what to do next. I welcome anyone with thoughts on this!

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