[Review] The Ghost Brigades

John-Scalzi_2006_The-Ghost-BrigadesSo i have slowly been getting around to the back catalogue of John Scalzi. The first book of his i read was Red-shirts, which shows how behind the times i am!

I actually bought this book a day or two after i bought Old Mans War, but for various reasons only got around to reading it on Friday night. I actually finished at about half three on Saturday morning. So a book i did not want to put down, and one i am glad i did not read on a work night!

The story is a return to the universe set up in Old Mans War, with a more detailed look at the Ghost Brigades that were introduced in the first book. While it has a training montage scene, it asks very different questions, wondering about the nature of identity and who we are.

The plot revolves around a member of the special forces who was brought into existence in order to track down a traitor to humanity. He is a clone of that individual, and they have tried to imprint a copy of the traitors memories onto the protagonist. An examination of are we just our memories and choices, or is there something more follows.

After reading Old Mans War i had several questions about why some things were kept secret, and reasons for these are giving in this book.

A good solid follow up to a great book.

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