Gaming thoughts

So tonight the Scion game i have been running since November reaches a peak. This is a point that has been building for awhile, with obvious hints dropped from the third session, but that ties back into the very first thing.They have a plan that is pretty solid, and if carried out, will reduce the impact of the bad guys actions. They will still have to face the bad guys to prevent them fully activating the plan, and killing the world.

It will hopefully wrap up the major plot arcs of this part of the game. Though there are a couple of small threads hanging loose that will feed into the Demigod plot. My plan was at this point see if they save the world or not, and then work out what happens next.

However with my upcoming move and that i am not sure if my new place will have space for game means that i am considering going on Hiatus after this session.

This would allow us to at least have a good end point if we never resumes, but i fear would also mean that there is less chance that we would resume. I like my current group. They have a good grasp of playing as a group, with each player taking a role, and letting each other shine.

I did read a good article this morning about game momentum, and it has me thinking about what to do next. I welcome anyone with thoughts on this!

[Review]Man of Steel

So i went to see this last night, i had hoped to see it in 2D, however the showing sold out, and so i had to go to a 3D showing.Man of Steel poster

First, i enjoyed the movie, it was an entertaining movie, that at no point dragged. It is 2 and a half hours long, and i barely noticed the time passing.

The movie is of course a retelling of the superman origin story. A lot of people wondered what was the point of doing this again, when it is a story that is well known, not just in comic book circles. However, it did not retell the same origin story, instead we ended up with a much different origin.

They spent a while at the start of the movie setting up the world that was Krypton, and a small sample of its culture and technology. However, i can’t help but feel that this was covered better later in the film, and it could possibly have been done as a flashback rather than as a prologue. However considering the amount of time that was spent on Flashbacks, all of his time on Earth before the main narrative is told in flashback, this might have been to much Flashback.

The movie has several fights scenes, which are very clear, and easy to follow who is fighting who. There is also a higher level of character death than you normally see in a movie of this type.

There were very few laugh out loud moments in this movie, like the Nolan Batman, this is a movie that is aiming for the darker aspects of been a hero, and there so it is a lot darker.

I do recommend that you see the movie and make up your own mind.

[Review] The Alchemist of Souls by Anne Lyle

The Alchemist of souls by Anne Lyle

The Alchemist of souls by Anne Lyle

So i picked this up at Eastercon in April, and only got around to it on Tuesday night. I read a short bit before i had to stop, for many reasons. I was hooked enough to know that if i went much further, i wouldn’t stop till i was done.

Last night though i powered through the entire book, and i can only say that it is a brilliant book.

The story is revealed through the point of view two main characters, and one sidekick.

The two main characters are a man who is not a noble, but who is able to move with people of the noble class because of his background, and a girl who has spent the last five years hiding out as a man, working in the theater, and seems to have a mechanical mind set. The sidekick is a good friend of the male main character, and is often used to show viewpoints that neither of the main show.

The story is set in an alternate history version of Elizabethan England. When the Europeans arrived in the New World, they found a race of people called Skrayling. These people have been trading with Europe since. The Skrayling are allied with the English, and for the first time have decided to send an ambassador to the court.

While the plot revolves around the arrival of this ambassador, not all of the events in the book are directly tied to the plot. Sometimes events happen as a result of the actions of the characters, that does not directly serve the plot, but are the consequences of actions by various actors. This adds to the general realism of the story.

There is a lot going on in this book, and i am not going to go into them, as i would not do them justice. All i can say is that I will be on the look out for the sequel to this book.

Follow up to Moving

So, Have confirmed with landlord that we have 3 months notice on the house, though if we find somewhere sooner, then we can go. Which is good.

We are currently looking to move as a group, though that may not last, as one housemate may be gone back to France shortly, she had planned to go in the next six months, and if she can find a job she will be gone.

So some things are up in the air, others are not.

My moving plan is as follows.

1. Get rid of stuff that i don’t really need, so things like clothes i don’t wear anymore!
Everything beyond that is going to take more information.


So news arrived that the Landlord has sold the house.

That been the case i will have to move, the people who bought the house were looking for a family home.

This is problematic, as finding a place anywhere near as awesome as my current house, while also staying close to the city centre, will not be cheap.

This is annoying, as i was enjoying this period of not moving, after spending so much of my time over the last 4 years looking at new places to live.

Oh well.

Liberty Hall Skyline

Every year, there is a cultural event in Dublin called Open House. The main idea of this is to open up buildings that are normally closed to the public. The buildings usually have a historical or Architectural significances.

I First came across this in i think 2010, and wasn’t able to make the weekend. In 2011 I got the open times wrong for Liberty Hall, and so i finally got up on top of the tallest building in Dublin in October 2012.

Once i got out onto the roof I took lots and lots of photos, and in the end managed to put together a vaguely consistent set of pictures that covered most of the skyline, and where reasonably steady.

This is probably my favorite of the lot.


I hope to get back up this year, but may pick a different building to go and see.

Worldcon Travel Plans

So i still haven’t booked my flights for Worldcon in Texas in about 2 months….

I need to clear some money off of my Credit card first, but should hopefully have that done soon, I.e i have paid money, just waiting for it to clear.

The current front runner in flights involves flying through Atlanta on the way, and through New York, JFK on the way back. Not too bad, though with nine hours in New York, a little bit of extra tourism could be on the way.

The other thing i did, was look at how much it would cost to rent a car for the time i will be in Texas, and while more than i really should spend, is not to crazy for a Car slightly smaller than my own. Americans like big cars, so the compact size is pretty much standard here.

So if all goes well, i will be in Texas from the day before Worldcon, to the Friday After, though leaving early on the Friday and spending nine hours in New York. I will probably rent the car from the Tuesday to the Friday morning if i do rent one.

I wonder is anyone else doing a similar time period, and would like to do Tourism stuff?

Long weekend Boardgames

So we got in two games last night, Carcasonne and Ticket to ride-Europe, of which i won both!

Carcasonne actually came down to a tie for first and a tie for third. The four player game had two people on 99 and two on 52! And man i am so annoyed to have missed that extra point to get to 100. It has been a long time since i played the game, and i was out of meeples in the middle of the game, so had to let a cloister go unclaimed, which would have been worth about 6 points at end game!

The ticket to ride game went much better for me.

My long distance ticket was Copenhagen to Erzurum, which is 21 by shortest path. I also got two tickets in the eastern third of the board, which flowed almost perfectly with my long ticket.

I ended the game with longest route, with a route of length 43, running from Sochi in the south east through  Erzurum, Constantinople, Kiev, and Riga  to Petrograd, then via the tunnel to Copenhagen, and then on west to Amsterdam via Frankfurt.

My final score was 137, 2nd place was 110. This reflects my best real world score, and would be up there with my iOS scores.

A good finish to a very relaxed long weekend.

Public Holidays

It happens to be a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland.

This has meant that i have spent a large part of my day hanging around and enjoying the shocking sunshine. It is almost a summers day outside!

A little later, i will be heading to play boardgames with a friend, for now i am currently doing some fannish work, for Shamrokon, mainly a couple of minor website updates, and a bit of gathering some info for accounts!