The 2013 Hugos

As a current attending member of the 2013 Worldcon I not only get to attend the Convention in Texas this year, i also get to vote on the ballot when it is released, I also get to nominate works to it. Voting in the Hugos for 2013 is available to all members of the convention, supporting or attending, you might want to consider getting a supporting membership, i think it is currently $60.

I have picked a couple of books for the Novel category, but my reading of 2012 books was limited, as I am still trying to catch up with all the awesome books since about 2005! I shall probably do a review of this one before i am finished.

Movies wise, or “Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form” as it is known in Hugo land, I will be going with Wreck-It-Ralph, Dredd,  and John Carter. I am looking at adding Iron Skies, but I am not sure if it qualifies.

The Short form, I am looking at an episode of Conntinuum, (End Times, ) an Episode of Eureka (Just Another Day, ) The Disney Short film “The Paper man”. I am also looking at Blood and Chrome, though the eligibility of that is something i need to check, as I am not sure all the episodes were available before the start of 2013.

Best related is still pretty open for me, I mean clearly a vote for Writing Excuses is on the cards.

I am thinking of Nominating something from the Not Literally Girls, Though that may actually fall into best presentation Short form,  However i am not sure they would do as well as they should in the “Doctor Who” category. If I leave an empty slot in Short form, then the administrator might move my nomination around if they judge that it should be on the short form

However beyond that I have no idea, but I was sure that there were a few things I wanted to add to the list!

I don’t read enough in the Shorter fiction or in the Fan works to feel comfortable nominating in those categories, so i shall be leaving them alone, though i will look at them when the voting comes around.

So i am still researching this, but am down to what the last week and a bit to make a decision…

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