So a busy few weeks in work, however its looking like we are reaching the end of most of it. Various projects will be completed and placed live over the next few weeks, and then i can get back to the more relaxed development fun.

In other news, we recently got some additional chairs in the sittingroom, one of which is just perfect to curl up and read on. So i have found myself starting to scratch the very top of my To be Read pile. hopefully i ccan get rid of the backlog by the end of the year. of course by that stage a lot of new books will be added to it. However some of these books have been in the pile since October 2010,  I think!

I remember the days when i would get and read a new book in a day, maybe two if it was particularly long. of course that was in the days when i would spend twelve hours doing security work, which invloved sitting at a desk, and doing the occasional patrol around the site.

i got through many books during that time, and it was the proximaty to the local library that saved me from spending all the money i earned working on buying books. A good fantasy triology would last maybe four days, so i would have had to buy a lot of books otherwise.

i think i shoul probably chuck up a review or two of the books i have read.

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