I took a few days away from the internet. Well it is more correct to say i took time away from everything except Facebook and Twitter, because they are always with me.

I also took friday off of work, and spent a lot of the weekend doing little tasks, and tidying things away. I also went with housemate to pick some “new” 2nd hand furniture. We got an incredibly ugly two seater and an ugly one seater for a very good price, including delivary, which should be this afternoon, all going well.

So last night we started to relayout the room for the new furniture, and i suspect that will be lots of moving of couches over the next while!

I also got together with my friend the Graphic Designer, who has done the Octocon posters over the last few years, to layout my thoughts on this years poster. I am hoping that this year the design will be a little bit more fun!

There was als0 pancake making fun, as New housemate practiced her pancake making, as it was a new pan and hob for her. Practice went well, anad i had some very nice pancakes.

So i really didn’t get much done on my weekend off, but that was always the plan, well i was hoping to get my mothers computer fixed, but the part has not arrived for that, so it shall have to wait.


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