As part of my job i need to do a planning document setting out my goals for the year, and then at the end of the year we get assessed on how we carried out those goals. All pretty standard, and I wouldn’t bother talking about it, except that I am currently doing it.

It’s not hard, except making sure that the goals are achievable. In previous years I was forced to put goals on that i had no real way of actually making sure that they happened or that were so big that there was no way that it could be carried out in a single year. That i got as much done of that goal as i did actually surprised my boss who insisted that it be there.

I don’t think he gets how this thing is supposed to work!

Anyway I might as well take this chance to also look at my goals for my “Fannish” life this year. I suppose a few might be a good idea:

  1. I want to blog about all the conventions I am an attendee at.
  2. I want to Go to more panel items at conventions.
  3. I want to scan in some of the archive material that I have.

They seem like achievable goals, of course there is no actual performance indicators there to say how well I have achieved them, and I think that I will leave it like that.

I mean if I can’t write a single blog post about each of Eastercon, Eurocon, and Worldcon, then I am doing something VERY wrong!


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