So the weekend just past was a quiet enough affair. My plans for friday night were cancelled due to the weather, so i spent large parts of it on the Internet.

Saturday however was spent playing an RPG over a Google Hangout. It was an interesting expierment, and one that makes it much easier to game as the group is currently spread over three countries, though only two countires came into focus on Saturday.

The group it self started long long ago, back around  2005, though i can’t be sure, i am pretty sure it started when i was living in Maynooth, so that would have been September ’05 to September ’06. We have played lots of different games over the years, with nearly everyone taking a turn at GM’ing at some point.

So while not a Really long time, it is a good length of time, though we don’t get to play near as often as we used too, i think we got in maybe four sessions last year, and most of those were at the start of the year. This is mostly why we are expiermenting with the online gaming.

Sunday was my fathers Birthday, which meant a quick trip down to my parents to say Happy Birthday.

My mother took the oppurtunity to have me look at her computer, to try and fix the bug with the power switch not working, however that did not go well, and i have kidnapped the machine to try and fix it!


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