A trip requires planning, Kiev

So I have now booked my flights and hotels for my trip to Eurocon in april.

I have now booked flights and accommodation for Eastercon in Bradford and Eurocon in Kiev. My accommodation is Booked for Worldcon in San Antonio and Octocon in Dublin. Last thing to book for major con trips are my flights to Texas. That shall have to wait until March or late April I think.

The convention is intending to organize a tour out to Chernobyl, and has gotten ten sign ups on the website for that, the tenth been me. So I shall be wandering through an actual nuclear wasteland. I shall of course have to remember to blog that!

I will be in Kiev a total of 10 nights, that gives about 11 days in Kiev, I am arriving the Saturday before the convention, and leaving the Tuesday after. Which will hopefully be more than enough to actually see the city and surrounds. However I am looking for any suggestions people have of things I will regret not seeing while there.

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