An encounter at Greenspindle

I want to take this time to talk about one of my favourite pictures, and the artist behind it.

A couple of years ago I was sent a  link to a picture set in the Kingkiller Chronicles world,



A picture of the famed Dracus. This was my first introduction to the art work of Phil McDarby.

I wandered around his website, and loved all the work. However the first time I saw “An encounter at Greenspindle”  I was in love. I spent a long time just looking at the picture, spotting extra detail.


It is not just the picture, it is the story that i imagine exists in this image. An online version can not do this the slightest bit of justice. Here is a picture of the Dragons Eye. This picture is at 100%. there is no Zoom involved.


I strongly recommend you have a look at the web page for this image. I still find new elements in the image that i had not seen before.

I have purchased a print of this picture, and it is hanging on the wall in my bedroom. Though if i can get it properly framed, i will probably move it into my sitting room at some point soon.

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