A manifesto

So i suppose i should put some of what i hope to be doing with this blog in writing.

  • It should be a aware that this is a Personal Blog. While i may hold postions on various events, either now or in the future, this is about me.
  • I will talk about events i am involved in the running of, as that is my nature.
  • I hope to talk about my various convention trips and talk about some of the panels i liked.
  • I Intend to post any of the older material i have floating around from various Irish Conventions. While most of the Octocon stuff will end up archived over at the Octocon Convention Archive, i was hoping to put things from other Irish events here.
  • I will hopefully talk about books and films and Tv shows that i have read. Don’t expect these to be in-depth reviews, more of a quick review.
  • Random Things that i like that don’t belong anywhere else. Things like the Results of the Irish National team latest match, though probably limited to Rugby, cricket, and on occasion Football.

How often will i post? Who can say i Do hope to right some crap here on a regular basis, but i don’t know how often it will be!

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