Housing Worries

I am currently renting. I love the house I am in, and I am sure that I will post some pictures of the Awesome Kitchen, and the dining room, which is perfect for gaming.

However one of the problems with the house is that the landlord has it up for sale. As much as I would love to purchase the house, it is so far out of my price range that a 50% pay raise would probably still have it out of range.

Now in the year and a month since I moved in, I moved in on the 31st of December 2o11, no one has actually viewed the house, until this week. Now this is not a sign that anything is going to happen, As the House is still about €50,000 overpriced for the area, and the small bits of maintenance that it needs.

However it has just brought back to mind the issue exists. While we have a lease that means we will get three months to move out once he tells us that he is selling the house, the chances of finding a house this nice again is so low.

The house is reasonably well located. I can walk to work in about 30 minutes, while it is located beside Phibsborough Village, and all of its amenities. There is also, as I previously mentioned, the huge Kitchen, the sitting room and dining room combo, the Indoor barbecue, the Large Bathroom.

While there are some downsides, like having to share with three other people, these are well offset by what we get and how much it is costing us.

So while being forced to move would not be the end of the world, it would not be happy making.

A trip requires planning, Kiev

So I have now booked my flights and hotels for my trip to Eurocon in april.

I have now booked flights and accommodation for Eastercon in Bradford and Eurocon in Kiev. My accommodation is Booked for Worldcon in San Antonio and Octocon in Dublin. Last thing to book for major con trips are my flights to Texas. That shall have to wait until March or late April I think.

The convention is intending to organize a tour out to Chernobyl, and has gotten ten sign ups on the website for that, the tenth been me. So I shall be wandering through an actual nuclear wasteland. I shall of course have to remember to blog that!

I will be in Kiev a total of 10 nights, that gives about 11 days in Kiev, I am arriving the Saturday before the convention, and leaving the Tuesday after. Which will hopefully be more than enough to actually see the city and surrounds. However I am looking for any suggestions people have of things I will regret not seeing while there.

An invite to Octocon 1994

One of the things i want to do is take some of the old documents that i have gotten as Octocon Chair and scan it in and publish it. It will all end up on the Octocon Archive, but it will be a while before i get all of it scanned.

In the mean time some of the smaller things can be posted here, as they are usually only a single page.

So the first thing i am putting up here is an invite that was sent out to members of the 1993 Octocon to let them know about the Octocon 1994 event.



I look forward to sharing more of this in the future.

An encounter at Greenspindle

I want to take this time to talk about one of my favourite pictures, and the artist behind it.

A couple of years ago I was sent a  link to a picture set in the Kingkiller Chronicles world,



A picture of the famed Dracus. This was my first introduction to the art work of Phil McDarby.

I wandered around his website, and loved all the work. However the first time I saw “An encounter at Greenspindle”  I was in love. I spent a long time just looking at the picture, spotting extra detail.


It is not just the picture, it is the story that i imagine exists in this image. An online version can not do this the slightest bit of justice. Here is a picture of the Dragons Eye. This picture is at 100%. there is no Zoom involved.


I strongly recommend you have a look at the web page for this image. I still find new elements in the image that i had not seen before.

I have purchased a print of this picture, and it is hanging on the wall in my bedroom. Though if i can get it properly framed, i will probably move it into my sitting room at some point soon.

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A manifesto

So i suppose i should put some of what i hope to be doing with this blog in writing.

  • It should be a aware that this is a Personal Blog. While i may hold postions on various events, either now or in the future, this is about me.
  • I will talk about events i am involved in the running of, as that is my nature.
  • I hope to talk about my various convention trips and talk about some of the panels i liked.
  • I Intend to post any of the older material i have floating around from various Irish Conventions. While most of the Octocon stuff will end up archived over at the Octocon Convention Archive, i was hoping to put things from other Irish events here.
  • I will hopefully talk about books and films and Tv shows that i have read. Don’t expect these to be in-depth reviews, more of a quick review.
  • Random Things that i like that don’t belong anywhere else. Things like the Results of the Irish National team latest match, though probably limited to Rugby, cricket, and on occasion Football.

How often will i post? Who can say i Do hope to right some crap here on a regular basis, but i don’t know how often it will be!